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We hope you will take the time to look through the information we have provided so that you will be a better informed traveler knowing about your responsibilities, and also understanding that you do have rights! Increase your chances for a safe flight

Alaska Flight Services Safety Program

FAA supports reducing aviation accidents in Alaska by reaching out to pilots, students and operators. FAA encourages and educates customers on the use and safety enhancing benefits of FAA flight services, i.e. weather briefings, inflight services, emergency services, SVFR operations, flight plan handling, Search and Rescue procedures, ATTV, AFIS, etc. FAA conducts flight services safety related outreach activities supporting the reduction of aviation accidents in Alaska to meet or exceed FAA Flight Plan performance targets. 

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National Transportation Safety Board

"Flight operations in Alaska are diverse, with a challenging environment, such as rough terrain, adverse weather, and unique air transportation requirements. Due to the large geographic area and lack of other forms of transportation, aviation is often the only way to traverse much of the State. These challenges increase the risks to safe flight operations." Testimony of James LaBelle, Chief Northwest Field Office National Transportation Safety Board before the Transportation Subcommittee Committee on Appropriations United States Senate Regarding Aviation Safety in Alaska December 14, 1999

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Circle of Safety

"Train the Traveler Guide"

Consumer Safety Education

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What's the weather like?

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