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The director of the Alaska Division of Wildlife Conservation has been charged with 12 counts of illegal hunting related to guiding activities in the bear-rich forests on the north side of Cook Inlet across from Anchorage, according to Alaska State Troopers.

Here is how the story evolved:

(via Alaska Dispatch)

· Jan 12: Alaska wildlife conservation director charged with helping illegally kill bears CLICK HERE 

· Jan 12: Wildlife chief's resignation resonates with Alaska biologists CLICK HERE

· Jan 13: New details emerge in Alaska wildlife chief's resignation CLICK HERE

· Jan 15: The spectacular rise of Alaska wildlife manager Corey Rossi CLICK HERE

· Jan 16: How Alaska wildlife manager Corey Rossi was charged with illegal hunting CLICK HERE 

· Jan 19: Public safety chief sought to keep Rossi affair under wraps to protect probe CLICK HERE

· Jan 20: Alaska wildlife official faces new allegations of illegal trophy hunting CLICK HERE

· Jan 20: Rossi investigators examine signature of Kenai hunting guide CLICK HERE

· Jan 21: Smart Alaska Game Board decisions drowned out by bad calls CLICK HERE

· Jan 25: Wooten-like hunt leads to convictions CLICK HERE
· Jan 27: Corey Rossi and the 30 bear weekend CLICK HERE 
· Feb 1: Another questionable appointment at Alaska Dvisioin of Wildlife Conservation? CLICK HERE

If the Pebble Mine is allowed to go forward, it will inflict irreversible damage on Bristol Bay -- including the permanent destruction of 60 miles of salmon habitat.

Please visit the following websites for more information:

•  Natural Resources Defense Council

•  Renewable Resources Coalition

•  Bristol Bay Alliance

•  Alaska Sportsman's Alliance

•  USA EPA: Bristol Bay

...these are just a few of the many websites listed on the web that are against Pebble Mine Project.


Who is Pebble Mine?

•  Pebble Mine Partnership


NEWS:  Alaska Voters Weighing In: Salmon vs Gold


Feb 16: Pebble Mine developers aim for permitting process this year CLICK HERE

Southwest Alaska Votes Against Pebble Mine

Anti-Pebble Initiative Approved By 34 Votes 

A fundamental difference in wildlife management philosophy divides state and federal government. What state officials calls "intensive management," federal biologists call "aerial wolf control." The two are pretty much the same thing viewed from different directions.


· Jan 17: Kenai refuge won't enforce Alaska decision targeting 'predator species' CLICK HERE

· Jan 18: Park Service says no to extended wolf hunting season in Alaska CLICK HERE

· Jan 19: Alaska Board of Game shows affection for any predator control program CLICK HERE

Recent reports indicate that calling for a wilderness rescue is becoming more frequent among unlucky or unprepared Alaska backcountry travelers who end up in unpleasant, but not deadly, situations.


· More information:  CLICK HERE

· See our Search and Rescue webpage: CLICK HERE

·  Jan 25: Coast Guard rescues two fishing vessel crews CLICK HERE


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This information has been moved from the "Take Action" webpage, because of updated news:

"The National Park Service will begin work on an environmental assessment (EA) next month to consider the reissuance of concession contract (s) and proposed changes for sport hunting guide services within Katmai National Preserve. Because sport hunting is a Congressionally authorized use of the preserve, all options in the EA will propose that guided sport hunting continue in a way that does not result in significant environmental impacts to park resources and values, including the brown bear population, other users, wilderness character, or subsistence uses."

• For More Information: 



The National Park Service has been pre­paring to publish a prospectus inviting proposals for the provision of sport hunting guide services in Katmai National Preserve. Hunting is authorized within the Preserve under the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA Section 1313).

For more information:

• CLICK HERE for actual prospectus

• CLICK HERE for Text Only version

• CLICK HERE for Jim Stratton/NPCA response letter

Seeking to cut down on abuses by trappers, the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies has been working for the past 15 years on what it calls Best Management Practices -- guidelines:
• for how to use various types of traps
• deal properly with captured fur-bearers
• and avoid catching non-targeterd animals


· Oct 9, 2011: Trapping issue still makes the fur fly CLICK HERE

· Jan 17: Proposal to expand use of snares on Alaska bears tabled CLICK HERE



Jan 29: BOG Notice of Proposed Changes CLICK HERE

or visit BOG website CLICK HERE

Cook-Inlet Keeper has received inquiries about water quality and pollution concerns related to cruise ship discharges in the Kachemak Bay Critical Habitat.


· Please read this very fine letter and the responses.


· Follow Cook Inlet Keeper CLICK HERE

· Nov 1, 2011: Alaska tourism officials stumped by decline incruise visitors CLICK HERE

· Jan 26: Worst-case scenario? What if a cruise ship founders in Alaska's Arctic CLICK HERE


Have you ever wondered where the cruise ships dump their waste materials?


Where do you think?



A battle over whether the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge should be set aside as wilderness.
• Public weighs in on the battle over ANWR coastal plain: CLICK HERE

• Alaskans propose fed takeover of Central Park to make ANWR point CLICK HERE

•  The deadling for public comment has passed, however you will still be able to find good information from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service  CLICK HERE

• NRDC Information CLICK HERE

Feb 16: An even dozen: Young-backed ANWR bill passes U.S. House a 12th time CLICK HERE


"To recognize the heritage of recreational fishing, hunting, and shooting on Federal public lands and ensure continued opportunities for these activities."

• Bill Text:  CLICK HERE

• Bill Overview: CLICK HERE

• Bill Summary + Status:



Supporters of this bill include, but are not limited to:

•  National Rifle Association


Critical habitat has been designated by federal fishery managers for endangered beluga whales, causing dissension from political, as well as regional business leaders.


• Conservation Groups challenge state laws over Inlet belugas: CLICK HERE

• Areas of Cook Inlet designated critical whale habitat:


• State Policy leads beluga team to remove Alaska scientists: CLICK HERE

• NOAA administrator discusses Inlet oil, gas industry, belugas: CLICK HERE

• Survey spots fewer Cook Inlet belugas in 2011 CLICK HERE

• Limits not helping whale population CLICK HERE

• AWWU guarding Cook Inlet water quality CLICK HERE

Feb 22: Are beluga, bowhead whales 'nonhuman persons' who shouldn't be hunted? CLICK HERE

Walruses Suffer From Similar Disease Afflicting Alaska Ringed Seals


Arctic ringed seals aren't the only marine mammal suffering an unusual skin-lesion outbreak along Alaska's northern coasts.

More Information:  CLICK HERE

Kenai Peninsula commercial fishermen and sport anglers have often had disputes about who should have the right to catch salmon ~ now the subject is halibut.

Halibut Meeting Catches Little: CLICK HERE

• Halibut plan divides kenai peninsula: CLICK HERE

· Alaska Dispatch/Halibut News CLICK HERE

· Anchorage Daily News/Halibut CLICK HERE

Other Fishing News:
• Coast Guard boards vessel for illegal driftnet fishing on high seas: CLICK HERE
• For Homer's halibut derby, future won't depend on monster fish: CLICK HERE

· Feb 1: Weakening the EPA, via Mudflats:

"Alec vs. The Middle Class"  CLICK HERE   

The Arctic has a call that is compelling. The distant mountains make one want to go on and on over the next ridge and over the one beyond. The call is that of a wilderness known only to a few...This last American wilderness must remain sacrosanct.
-William O. Douglas