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Map of SAR flights flown during August/September 2010

September 29, 2010
Wreckage of Missing Plane Located


Debris from the plane carrying three National Park Service employees in Katmai National Park was located on the park's rugged northern coast on Tuesday.

Katmai National Park Superintendent Ralph Moore said he was notified by a local helicopter pilot, Sam Egli, that he had spotted portions of the aircraft, including a piece of the tail with identifying numbers, on a narrow section of beachabout 10 miles northwest of Sukoi Bay.


The single engine floatplane, a deHavilland Beaver operated by Branch River Air Service in King Salmon, carried the pilot and three National Park Service maintenance employees and has been missing since August 21.


National Park Service and military personnel are headed to the site this morning to secure the debris and continue the search for additional wreckage. The accident investigation will be conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board.


The employees who were on board the aircraft were Mason McLeod, 26, and two brothers, Neal Spradlin, 28; and Seth Spradlin, 20. The pilot was Marco Alletto, 47, from King Salmon. Egli told the park that there was no indication of survivors.


The discovery of the plane comes after more than a month of aerial and ground searching by national park, military and civilian personnel. More than 60,000 miles of flying was done, at times with more than a dozen aircraft working search patterns over the 4 million acre park. The area where the debris was found had been flown over by the National Park Service as recently as Monday, and rangers had walked the beach just a few miles west of the debris site. High tides and high east winds on Monday and Tuesday are thought to have helped make the debris visible from the air.

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UPDATE: Debris from Missing Plane Found

Thank You to those who are a part of Search and Rescue.

Date:     November 23, 2010   
To:        All Public, Private, and Commercial Entities and Public-at-Large 
From:    Superintendent Katmai National Park and Preserve, Ralph Moore
Subject:   Removal of Emergency Closure  

Following discussion yesterday with the National Transportation Safety Board, Katmai National Park is removing an emergency closure along a portion of the Katmai coast that had been established to facilitate investigation following an aircraft accident.   

The area of closure was defined as all areas above mean high tide from Sukoi Bay north along the mainland coast of Katmai National Park through the Douglas River outlet.  This closure extended inland as far as the summit of Mount Douglas and included all islands within five miles of the coast within that zone. These areas are now open to general visitation.   

Thank you all for your compliance with this emergency closure.  Should any additional items pertaining to the aircraft accident be discovered, those who find these items are requested to notify Katmai National Park at (907) 246-3305 and the National Transportation Safety at (907) 271-5936. 

Ralph Moore
Katmai National Park and Preserve 

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